Weekend Soccer is a FREE interactive sports result service for any local football club to use, to enable fixtures, results, match reports, scorers, player profiles, tables, photos and club news to be entered by a Club Administrator, using a password protected Selection Window.

As league results are entered the club statistics are automatically calculated and updated instantly.

As goal scorers are entered after each match, a table is produced automatically showing the leading club scorers as well as recording the club goal scorers for each fixture.

Any one can view any clubs results by selecting a club from the drop down list above.

Any club can register by clicking on the REGISTER button opposite to enable a Club Administrator to enter all details via the clubs' Selection Window.

A link can be added from a clubs web site to Weekend Soccer, so that the club page at Weekend Soccer is opened on clicking the link on a clubs web site.

Club Administrators can enter club details/updates from any PC or Pocket PC or Smartphone connected to the internet.

Results, match reports and scorers can be entered as soon as the game is over.

An updated league table can also be kept by the Club Administrator by entering the match results between other clubs in the same league as and when they are known. This can be achieved by clubs in the same league emailing each other with their results or by the use of mobile phones.